Our Story

Oh, We Sing Too

Cooking is something that our family has always been passionate about! When people are hungry, they know that the Knebel’s house is the place to be. There are 9 people in our family: Dad (Daniel), Momma (Kendra), Malika, Kahlil, Bo-Mack, Kamillah, Mahalah, Makai, and Kaisha. With such a full house, us older ones learned how to cook and multi-task, fast.

We lived down in the Roseburg area of Oregon for as long as I can remember. Dad was born down there, and mom’s family moved there when she was eight. All of us kids were born at the same hospital, and we all had the same doctor. (Mom thought she should get a discount for seven kids by one doctor…the doctor disagreed).

In the summer of 2006 we moved to Lebanon, Oregon. We love it here! During the summer it is an absolute paradise, and as such we always have lots of company that like to come stay with us. People think that it would get crowded, but mom’s motto is, “after nine…what’s a few more?”

Now that all of us kids are a little older, dad decided that we would try our hand at a family business (this has always been his dream). We all laughed at first. We said, “Dad, how are we going to pull off a Restaurant and a Ranch?” Like most 63 acre ranches ours has cattle, horses, chickens, goats, and pigs! You can see why we were thinking that dad had a little too much sun. So we prayed about it, and came to the conclusion that we should give it a try. Dad sold off a few of the horses and goats, and resolved not to buy any more spring chickens. However, the cattle have only expanded this year as all the cows are calving. We still intend to put up some hay during summer months with any spare time that we have away from catering.

Although we had never had a restaurant before, and really knew nothing about what we were doing at first, everyone thought that we should open one. So after much hard work, on December 31st 2008 Bo-Mack’s BBQ was born! We’ve been cooking up lots of yummy grub ever since! This is our story! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

We can’t wait to have you in!

~From our table to yours, The Bo-Mack Family!